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Radnor Crew: Pulling Together, Finishing Strong!

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Recruiting: For Athletes

Radnor Crew coaches are prepared to help their athletes determine whether pursuing a rowing career is appropriate for them.  Athletes are encouraged to talk directly to their coach regarding their interest or possible interest in rowing at the collegiate level. Athletes will find the following resources helpful.

From: www.ncaa.org

Phone Calls:

  • Athletes may begin receiving after July 1 following their junior year.
  • Athletes may only RECEIVE one phone call per week; however, they may contact a coach at their discretion.
  • There are specific times when the one phone call limitation is lifted - seek clarification from coaches directly.
  • Junior year can send emails to coaches, etc.  Not before.


  • E-mails are not considered phone calls and therefore do not have the one per week limitation; however, they are still restricted to occurring between seniors and parents of seniors.

Contacts and Evaluations:

  • Coaches are permitted three (3) in-person, off-campus contacts with each prospective student-athlete.
  • Coaches are permitted four (4) evaluations of each prospective student-athlete.

Official Visits:

  • An "official visit" to a university by a prospective student-athlete is a visit financed whole or in part by the university.  Expenses paid can include transportation, accommodations (which may include dorms), meals, entertainment, and complementary admissions to an on-campus athletic event.
  • An official visit cannot be taken prior to the first day of classes of the senior year.
  • An athlete is limited to 5 official visits: 1 visit per university.
  • SAT or ACT scores and an academic transcript must be provided prior to the visit.
  • An official visit cannot last longer than 48 hours.
  • An athlete cannot be athletically evaluated on an official visit.

Unofficial Visits:

  • An "unofficial visit" to a university by a prospective student-athlete is a visit made at the prospect's own expense.  The only provisions a university can make an athlete on an unofficial visit are: complementary admissions to an on-campus athletic event, and transportation to view off-campus practice and competition sites.
  • An athlete can take an unofficial visit prior to her senior year.
  • An athlete can make an unlimited number of unofficial visits and may visit an institution more than once.
  • An athlete cannot be athletically evaluated on an unofficial visit.


Resources: For College Coaches

 The Radnor Girls Crew Club is recognized as a club sport with the endorsement of Radnor High School.  We are supported through our seasonal dues and are governed by a board comprised of parent volunteers. We have requested and receive financial support from the Radnor Township School Board that is set on a per athlete basis.  This only provides a small portion of our required funding, which is why we must charge dues.

Our team races in 8+ or 4+ events, and we participate in Freshman, Novice, Junior Varsity and Varsity events, including lightweight.

The club was started in 1996.  We've built a competitive team comprising approximately 40-50 athletes and now require "try-outs" for first-time athletes.  The Radnor Girls Crew Club is among the top ranked public school girls' sweep teams in the Philadelphia area.  During the 2009 Philadelphia Scholastic Rowing Association season, our club was at the top of that ranking and placed third amongst all teams.

Radnor Township, founded in 1682, is located 13 miles west of Philadelphia and has a population of 30,000. Radnor Township School District covers nearly 14 square miles, serves a diverse, multicultural population, and includes one high, one middle and three elementary schools. This public school system has been rated as one of the finest in the nation, with a vast network of lush parks, playgrounds, and athletic fields.

Radnor Township School District has a tradition of excellence. Supported by a community that values education, the district is proud to deliver an exceptional educational program that strives to meet the needs of our students, their families, and the community.

Fully staffed by more than 300 highly qualified teachers, including classroom teachers, literacy coaches, teacher leaders and staff developers, reading specialists, librarians, nurses, special education teachers, guidance counselors, psychologists, and other support specialists, this high-performing school district consistently ranks among the top educational institutions in the country.

Ongoing staff development provides opportunities for growth in understanding of content, best practices and instruction to enrich teaching and learning. The district offers a comprehensive program for more than 3,600 students and has instituted a new strategic plan through 2013.

Please contact our head coach to learn about our current athletes interested in rowing at the collegiate level.

Emma Burke '12, University of Michigan
Sydney Cantor '12 (coxswain), Hamilton College
Kendall Chapin '12, Yale University
Kirstin Fitch '12, Bucknell University
Greer Howard '12, Middlebury College

Sophia Blair '11, Duke University
Emma Howard '11, Drexel University
Lexie Katz '11, University of Virginia
Chandler Lally '11, University of Virginia
Lauren Turner '11, Duquesne University
Alli Webster '11, Cornell University

Caroline Fox '08, Duke University
Collie Pilling '08, Bucknell University